Nico is turning 1 on Friday!!!

I can not believe how old my child has become already. I am positive that I merely closed my eyes for a second and now a whole year has passed.

Every day I realize how blessed I am in having a wonderful husband and an amazing little boy. He (my baby) is my pride and joy and seeing his face makes my heart overflow.

My little genius baby is very close to walking (as in he is cruising), refers to me as Mama and will copy anything that his father or I do on the first try. Despite being a bundle of awesomeness, he has begun to throw tantrums before he even turned a year so I am sure that the terrible twos are going to be hellacious!

He is still a mama's boy though and even though he has taken well to daycare, he still greets me crying at the door when I go to pick him up. That seems to be his way of telling me that he missed me...God knows I missed him and I hate having to put him in daycare for so long each day.

Massive Update

So many things to talk about so let's hit the list and do each item individually.

Nico - Nico is teething big time which is causing some over-all fussiness and periods of random screaming when it get particularly painful. He's also drooling sporadically but when it begins, it as though a tap has sprung a leak! He is also three months today!! And at three months, he can rub his eyes when he's tired, suck on his fist to self-soothe (which means he is a pro at getting it to his mouth now), he can stand on your lap (and in fact demands it), he can be pulled up to sitting (when he wants to, although his head still falls back), and he mostly holds himself up when being held by someone. All in all, my babydoll is getting to be a big boy. Unfortunately, as he becomes more aware, he is getting a little harder to put to sleep during the day, but I can take that as he is sleeping 7-8 hours through the night!!! The last two nights he has forgone the marathon feeding session from 10pm-12am, and instead eats well and quickly and then is asleep for his long stretch by 10pm. Thank God for that, because earlier last week he went through the three month sleep regression (which lasted only two nights) where he thought dark meant party time.

4 Year Anniversary - That's right, I have been married for 4 years as of this past Thursday. My mother was kind enough to come home early that night so that Emmanuel and I could go out on the night of our anniversary to celebrate. We went to Stage West for the dinner + show which was amazing! The dinner was buffet but had a lot of fantastic entrees and some amazing desserts. AND the show! I can not say enough good things about the show! It was a murder mystery based on an Alfred Hitchcock play and the actors were just amazing! Emmanuel and I really enjoyed it. We also exchanged gifts in the morning with me getting a beautiful piece of jewelry. A ring shaped like a belt buckle with white and champagne diamonds. Mummy ended up staying the night at our house which was just as well as we got home fairly late that night. As much as I enjoyed myself, I was still really happy to get home to Nico. I really missed my baby!

Mother's Day - My first one! My darling husband gave me another ring, but as I don't like this one (two panthers holding a ring), we are going to exchange it tonight. He also gave me the most touching cards, one from him and one from Nico! I felt like crying as I read them! We had a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV before we met Mummy and grandma at Swiss Chalet for lunch. After that was an outing to Costco and Canadian Tire where mummy purchased an air conditioning with her birthday present from us (cash). We got home around 7pm, just in time to watch the season's final of Once Upon a Time! I love that show!!!

SO there you are, my major things happening in my and my family's life right now.

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April 14th (Saturday) saw Megan and Sarah from work visiting us at home and it was a wonderful time. They came in the morning for pancakes and mimosas and stayed well into the afternoon talking about personal details and gossiping about the lab. Of course, a lot of that surrounded my handsome baby boy who won them over within in a second.

The baby is 10 weeks old today and he seems to be going through another growth spurt. I can't get him off of my breast long enough to go to the bathroom. He is beginning to be a real charmer now though. He smiles in response to your smiles or at your attempts to make him smile, he giggles (although only the once and in his sleep) and he talks quite a bit. He has everyone wrapped around his little finger. The problem? He hasn't slept for more than 45 minutes at a time since yesterday! I am so exhausted.

I was planning to go to the mall and develop some photos but I am afraid to leave the house because he might want to breastfeed the entire time that I am out. Not that I mind feeding him when out, but I'd like to be able to have my breast in my shirt at least part of the time!

Anyways, if this is like his other growth spurts then he should be back to normal by tomorrow.

I think that he's begun teething now as well, which may be contributing. He is drooling (although nothing compared to what Isabelle and Alex have gone through), he bites down on fingers and toys and most night he screams inconsolably for about an hour starting anywhere from 7pm to 10pm.

Ah well. The joys of motherhood, I shall continue to update and hopefully this will be of use to me with my second (and final!!) child.

2 Month Well-Baby Check-Up

Nico went in for his 2 month check-up which consisted of 2 needles and an oral syringe that together introduced 15 vaccines. He took them like a champ with only a yell per needle before settling right down.

He also weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 6oz and 25 inches in length. My baby boy is a massive little man! The doctor even called him chunky! Everything is good with him and so far there are no causes for concern.

Unfortunately, once we got him Nico started getting a little fussy and I believe developed a low grade fever. He's been a little whiny and I've found that he needs some time to transition from one activity to another. He has also been breastfeeding and sleeping for the majority of the day.

But he just had a massive bowel movement and he seems to be feeling much better, back to his smiling, talking self.

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My baby boy is 8 weeks today and I can't believe the changes in him since he was born. He is (usually) awake for at least four hours a day and when he is awake he is very alert and big into playing. He smiles regularly in response to another's smile and sometime spontaneously when he is being played with.

He can also tense his arms to enable being pulled up by his arms and he can hold his head steady for a long period of time if his back is supported. He is also growing like a weed and at eight weeks he is fitting into 6 month clothing due in large part because he weighs in very close to 13 lbs. I am ball-parking his weight based on weighing myself on the bathroom scale with and without him. I'll find out his actual weight next week Monday when he goes in for his 2 month well-baby check-up.
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6 week growth spurt

Nico just finished going through a growth spurt and we survived it! It was far worse than his 1 week growth spurt. The first lasted only one night (an endless, hellish night) but this one was two whole days and nights. His feeding ramped up yesterday to where I was only getting at most an hour between feedings, to a night time cluster feeding from 7pm to midnight. Yesterday, the feedings were closer together during the day leading to a very drama-filled night wherein Nico was screaming in hunger while feeding! That means that he would latch on to my boob, suckle vigorously while whimpering and then pop off constantly to scream at me with his hungry cry. It was heartbreaking and I was all set to give him a bottle of formula because I was obviously not giving him what he needed.

When I say all set, I mean that I had Emmanuel boil the water and I mixed a bottle of formula. What made me change my mind? I tasted it. It tastes nothing like breastmilk and I don't want him to get used to and prefer the formula because I am not ready to give up breastfeeding. So we persevered and it looks like we've come through it relatively unscathed!

And as a cute milestone. Nico actually recognized me for the first time last night. Emmanuel had changed him and was trying to distract him while I went to the washroom. When I came back he was staring at Emmanuel calmly. As soon as I came over, his head shot over to where I was and his eyes lit up and he made his happy noise! No smile yet, but it's coming I know it!!!

Nico is 4 weeks today...

Otherwise known as one month old. He can hold his head at or near a 90 degree angle, follow an object with his eyes and by turning his head, and is wearing 3 month clothing.

He smiles spontaneously but not in response to any stimuli. And unfortunately he is a bit colic-y. He has terrible gas that clearly pains him because he cries until he passes it. We are using some Kids brand colic homeopathic medicine which doesn't really seem to work to try to treat it. Happily once he passes the gas, he is back to his happy self.

Happy birthday mi nene!

Three Weeks Later

Nico is three weeks old today and although it hasn't been easy I can no longer imagine my life without him.

Emmanuel is completely enamored with our baby, often times just staring at him with a look of awe and wonder on his face. He frequently comments on what a beautiful and wonderful baby we've made. He takes over whenever he can in the care of Nico, talks to him constantly and is generally the wonderful father that I knew that he would be.

Nico, himself, has changed drastically since his birth and not just in appearance. When first he was born he fed every one to two hours, was hardly ever awake (~ half an hour in each twenty-four hour time period), and was essentially a really warm stuffed toy that peed and pooped.

Now, my baby is awake and aware for several hours each day. He responds to sounds, is beginning to smile and is generally a wonderful little baby. I have been exceedingly lucky with him. I get three to four hours to sleep between night-time feedings most nights, although he has gone through two growth spurts since birth that left me with very little time to sleep because of his cluster feeding. One was at one week and the other at two and a half weeks.

Indeed, the only downside to the wonderful son of mine is that he is a poop-monster. Every diaper has some poop in it and some diapers have so much poop in it that the damn thing weighs a ton. It can be really gross.

The best part is that he thriving wonderfully. Ordinarily, babies lose 7-10 percent of their weight after birth and only reach birth weight around the two week mark. My baby? At two and a half weeks had not only met birth weight but had exceeded it by a pound and four ounces. That's right, Nico weighs 9lbs 10oz!

He was in newborn clothing at birth but he's already in 3 month clothing! This is due in large part to the fact that I produce enough breast milk to actually drown my child. When I breastfeed it actually sprays out with enough force to get several feet clearance.

It makes feeding Nico much easier because he's relatively quick in extracting what milk he requires.

BTW tomorrow is Emmanuel's birthday and I bought him two birthday cards, one from me, and one from Nico. I am pretty sure that it is going to make him cry when he sees them. My sentimental husband.

On the home front, Emmanuel is currently finishing the basement with an estimated finish time of tonight! We've bought the TV already (it was Emmanuel's birthday gift) a 47" LG Smart TV, and we still have to buy the surround sound/Blu-Ray player and the sectional sofa that I have my eye on. Our family room is going to be amazing! I am going to make a little area for Nico with a foam mat on the carpet, some educational pictures for the walls, shelves for his toys and maybe a small table and chair for when he's a little older. I think that I am becoming attached to this house in a way that I have never been attached to a living space before in my life. I really love everything about this house and the location.