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Lab mum?

I think I am on my way to becoming the lab mum (or the relationship guru) because today seems like the day for people confessing their problems to me. I have to say it is very depressing and I feel my heart bleeding for them. I want to do something to fix their problems but what can I do when one's SO is leaving for another person and the other isn't sure if she wants to be in a relationship, nevermind that this might be "the one"?

I do what I can by offering vengeance (does anyone else wish they were Anya from Buffy? No? Just me, then? Ok!), solace and the chance to vent.

It does make me go back and review the problems and successes in my own relationship, though. Ours is not the best or the easiest but there is no-one else in the world with whom I want to fight through it. So I guess that is my clue that I am doing the right thing. I love Emmanuel and while he sometimes annoys me, neglects me and drives my up the wall on purpose, I CAN imagine my life without him, and it would be far worse than what I've got now. I know he feels the same.

So I shall ever persevere. Emmanuel and I against the world.
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