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Three Weeks Later

Nico is three weeks old today and although it hasn't been easy I can no longer imagine my life without him.

Emmanuel is completely enamored with our baby, often times just staring at him with a look of awe and wonder on his face. He frequently comments on what a beautiful and wonderful baby we've made. He takes over whenever he can in the care of Nico, talks to him constantly and is generally the wonderful father that I knew that he would be.

Nico, himself, has changed drastically since his birth and not just in appearance. When first he was born he fed every one to two hours, was hardly ever awake (~ half an hour in each twenty-four hour time period), and was essentially a really warm stuffed toy that peed and pooped.

Now, my baby is awake and aware for several hours each day. He responds to sounds, is beginning to smile and is generally a wonderful little baby. I have been exceedingly lucky with him. I get three to four hours to sleep between night-time feedings most nights, although he has gone through two growth spurts since birth that left me with very little time to sleep because of his cluster feeding. One was at one week and the other at two and a half weeks.

Indeed, the only downside to the wonderful son of mine is that he is a poop-monster. Every diaper has some poop in it and some diapers have so much poop in it that the damn thing weighs a ton. It can be really gross.

The best part is that he thriving wonderfully. Ordinarily, babies lose 7-10 percent of their weight after birth and only reach birth weight around the two week mark. My baby? At two and a half weeks had not only met birth weight but had exceeded it by a pound and four ounces. That's right, Nico weighs 9lbs 10oz!

He was in newborn clothing at birth but he's already in 3 month clothing! This is due in large part to the fact that I produce enough breast milk to actually drown my child. When I breastfeed it actually sprays out with enough force to get several feet clearance.

It makes feeding Nico much easier because he's relatively quick in extracting what milk he requires.

BTW tomorrow is Emmanuel's birthday and I bought him two birthday cards, one from me, and one from Nico. I am pretty sure that it is going to make him cry when he sees them. My sentimental husband.

On the home front, Emmanuel is currently finishing the basement with an estimated finish time of tonight! We've bought the TV already (it was Emmanuel's birthday gift) a 47" LG Smart TV, and we still have to buy the surround sound/Blu-Ray player and the sectional sofa that I have my eye on. Our family room is going to be amazing! I am going to make a little area for Nico with a foam mat on the carpet, some educational pictures for the walls, shelves for his toys and maybe a small table and chair for when he's a little older. I think that I am becoming attached to this house in a way that I have never been attached to a living space before in my life. I really love everything about this house and the location.
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