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6 week growth spurt

Nico just finished going through a growth spurt and we survived it! It was far worse than his 1 week growth spurt. The first lasted only one night (an endless, hellish night) but this one was two whole days and nights. His feeding ramped up yesterday to where I was only getting at most an hour between feedings, to a night time cluster feeding from 7pm to midnight. Yesterday, the feedings were closer together during the day leading to a very drama-filled night wherein Nico was screaming in hunger while feeding! That means that he would latch on to my boob, suckle vigorously while whimpering and then pop off constantly to scream at me with his hungry cry. It was heartbreaking and I was all set to give him a bottle of formula because I was obviously not giving him what he needed.

When I say all set, I mean that I had Emmanuel boil the water and I mixed a bottle of formula. What made me change my mind? I tasted it. It tastes nothing like breastmilk and I don't want him to get used to and prefer the formula because I am not ready to give up breastfeeding. So we persevered and it looks like we've come through it relatively unscathed!

And as a cute milestone. Nico actually recognized me for the first time last night. Emmanuel had changed him and was trying to distract him while I went to the washroom. When I came back he was staring at Emmanuel calmly. As soon as I came over, his head shot over to where I was and his eyes lit up and he made his happy noise! No smile yet, but it's coming I know it!!!
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