daniramdin (daniramdin) wrote,

2 Month Well-Baby Check-Up

Nico went in for his 2 month check-up which consisted of 2 needles and an oral syringe that together introduced 15 vaccines. He took them like a champ with only a yell per needle before settling right down.

He also weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 6oz and 25 inches in length. My baby boy is a massive little man! The doctor even called him chunky! Everything is good with him and so far there are no causes for concern.

Unfortunately, once we got him Nico started getting a little fussy and I believe developed a low grade fever. He's been a little whiny and I've found that he needs some time to transition from one activity to another. He has also been breastfeeding and sleeping for the majority of the day.

But he just had a massive bowel movement and he seems to be feeling much better, back to his smiling, talking self.
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