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Massive Update

So many things to talk about so let's hit the list and do each item individually.

Nico - Nico is teething big time which is causing some over-all fussiness and periods of random screaming when it get particularly painful. He's also drooling sporadically but when it begins, it as though a tap has sprung a leak! He is also three months today!! And at three months, he can rub his eyes when he's tired, suck on his fist to self-soothe (which means he is a pro at getting it to his mouth now), he can stand on your lap (and in fact demands it), he can be pulled up to sitting (when he wants to, although his head still falls back), and he mostly holds himself up when being held by someone. All in all, my babydoll is getting to be a big boy. Unfortunately, as he becomes more aware, he is getting a little harder to put to sleep during the day, but I can take that as he is sleeping 7-8 hours through the night!!! The last two nights he has forgone the marathon feeding session from 10pm-12am, and instead eats well and quickly and then is asleep for his long stretch by 10pm. Thank God for that, because earlier last week he went through the three month sleep regression (which lasted only two nights) where he thought dark meant party time.

4 Year Anniversary - That's right, I have been married for 4 years as of this past Thursday. My mother was kind enough to come home early that night so that Emmanuel and I could go out on the night of our anniversary to celebrate. We went to Stage West for the dinner + show which was amazing! The dinner was buffet but had a lot of fantastic entrees and some amazing desserts. AND the show! I can not say enough good things about the show! It was a murder mystery based on an Alfred Hitchcock play and the actors were just amazing! Emmanuel and I really enjoyed it. We also exchanged gifts in the morning with me getting a beautiful piece of jewelry. A ring shaped like a belt buckle with white and champagne diamonds. Mummy ended up staying the night at our house which was just as well as we got home fairly late that night. As much as I enjoyed myself, I was still really happy to get home to Nico. I really missed my baby!

Mother's Day - My first one! My darling husband gave me another ring, but as I don't like this one (two panthers holding a ring), we are going to exchange it tonight. He also gave me the most touching cards, one from him and one from Nico! I felt like crying as I read them! We had a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV before we met Mummy and grandma at Swiss Chalet for lunch. After that was an outing to Costco and Canadian Tire where mummy purchased an air conditioning with her birthday present from us (cash). We got home around 7pm, just in time to watch the season's final of Once Upon a Time! I love that show!!!

SO there you are, my major things happening in my and my family's life right now.
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