daniramdin (daniramdin) wrote,

Nico is turning 1 on Friday!!!

I can not believe how old my child has become already. I am positive that I merely closed my eyes for a second and now a whole year has passed.

Every day I realize how blessed I am in having a wonderful husband and an amazing little boy. He (my baby) is my pride and joy and seeing his face makes my heart overflow.

My little genius baby is very close to walking (as in he is cruising), refers to me as Mama and will copy anything that his father or I do on the first try. Despite being a bundle of awesomeness, he has begun to throw tantrums before he even turned a year so I am sure that the terrible twos are going to be hellacious!

He is still a mama's boy though and even though he has taken well to daycare, he still greets me crying at the door when I go to pick him up. That seems to be his way of telling me that he missed me...God knows I missed him and I hate having to put him in daycare for so long each day.
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